Kahlo in Bendigo: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the gallery.

Discussion of women’s rights, and in particular, the right not to be sexually abused or exploited has gained visible traction in popular media globally. This observation is in fact, so obvious, that it feels facile to even mention the #timesup and #metoo movements. Women’s rights have also been addressed publicly and repeatedly in both the … Continue reading Kahlo in Bendigo: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the gallery.

For the love of the VNS Matrix

The VNS Matrix collective are/were/are a group of four artists from Adelaide who invented cyberfeminism. More or less.* I love them. For two reasons. Firstly hometown pride, and secondly, the vast improbability that something as globally influential and necessary would ever issue from Adelaide. Adelaide though.† On the VNS Matrix website, they describe the appearance … Continue reading For the love of the VNS Matrix


Lately, I've been listening to the Le Tigre song "Viz" an awful lot. One of the many side effects of insisting on a national survey to respond to the proposition of marriage equality is the increased focus on queer people in the community, which results in coding queer visibility as "other" or "different" and most … Continue reading Viz.

The Consequence of No

Once homophobia (or any kind of hatred) is given oxygen, it spreads. The legitimacy that a 'no' vote lends to the people who spread this hatred has the potential to provoke and support all manner of homophobia and violence. This provides a platform not simply to deny one right, but as a starting point from which to erode the rights that have already been fought for, and won. Contrary to appearances, history is not a straight line (ha ha) and the maintenance of rights requires vigilance and energy as well.